Our history

Already in 1930 Fulvio Sacerdoti, fifteen years old, helped his father and elder brothers, representatives of paper mills in Naples. In 1935 he moved to Padua where he continued independently. The immediate post-war brings him to look abroad, especially Germany, England, Austria, etc. stationery manufacturers who were restarting their businesses. so he was born “Fulvio Sacerdoti”, the first company making the distribution of foreign products of high quality abroad.
In May 1969, Fulvio Sacerdoti, already supported by his sons Franco and Alberta, took over a small factory of plastic welded articles, the Zeta srl. The new company Zeta becomes very important in the market of stationery and photography thanks to important inventions and original development of products. In 1986 he invented and made the first machine in the world for the fully automatic production of clip files
This production will make Zeta note on all European markets. In 1994 was invented and patented the first ecological photo album. This photo album combines unique features: -The cardboard cover is printed in full color offset. -The Envelopes become Polypropylene biorientated-clear, a material that protects and enhances the qualities of photography.
The combination of both elements paper and polypropylene constitute a recyclable product or, if disposed, produces only water vapor and carbon dioxide. Since 2000, Zeta has increased its production by specializing in the study and implementation of bespoke items.

Nowadays Gavriel Sacerdoti is heading successfully the Zeta srl and the strength of our company is to create products that meet the needs of our customers, thanks to the experience and professionality that are part of our history, we are able to produce and customize always new items that you can take as inspiration for new products.