Cards, documents and booklets holder

When you travel, you’re driving or even when you go hunting, fishing or clinic visits and on many other occasions the most important thing is to always have your documents at hand and preserve and protect them from accidental damage.
For this, Zeta srl, produces for you document wallets of any size, format, number of pockets and envelopes that you want and obviously custom printed!
Our clear plastic document wallets of PVC or polypropylene are suitable for any type of document, badges, identity cards, membership cards, passport, driving license etc. Can be requested from pharmacies to advertise itself that they offer their customers holders health recipes with their logo printed, from concessionaires or motorizations for pockets for the insurance certificate or the restricted traffic zones pass or parking disk, schools, universities and other associations for booklet holder, and even to travel agencies travel document wallets or badges to take on holiday.
The list could be endless and we are here to ensure that every type of customer will have the right product for his company.

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