Pvc clear pockets and envelopes

One of our strengths is the production of trasparent PVC and polypropylene plastic pockets of any shape, color and customization that can contain and preserve any material!
Our clear PVC pockets can have many functions and are perfect to preserve and protect, against accidental damage, your most important documents such as identity cards, passports, cards, tickets, travel tickets, and much more.
We also produce transparent plastic envelopes for containing maps, road maps, trekking, hiking and any other type of plan or representation.
In addition to papers and documents, envelopes PVC are resistant and so perfect for holding various kinds of tools such as knives, scissors, tweezers, and many other products.
Each envelope, if required, can be provided the special European hole that allows your products to be exhibited at any point of sale.
All plastic pockets produced by us, are customizable with logos and prints and you can also ask for the size that you want in order to create a product tailored for you, so please ask for the offer to purchase your customized plastic envelopes!

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