RFID-Blocking wallet

RFID-Blocking wallet

What’s the RFID technology?

RFID stands for “Radio frequency identification” and is a form of technology that uses radio waves and makes it possible to identify and track objects, people and animals and it’s used in many fields such as, the best known, in the keys or electronic badges, in credit cards, passports or even for the recognition and identification of your pet.

Consumer associations are warning that this new technology, which has aroused by far the most interest, is also being used for illegal purposes, in fact, it happens more and more frequently that the personal informations, transmitted by RFID’s electromagnetic waves, are intercepted, decoded and used illegally. In fact, there are a lot of criminals who own remote electronic devices, capable to intercepting magnetic waves and that allow to decode the informations of the credit cards, so your datas can be easily scanned without you ever knowing.


After we well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, we decided to create a credit card holder anti RFID able to block the magnetic waves, making it impossible to decode and the illegal use of the datas.

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