Zeta S.r.l. is maybe one of the biggest Italian producers of special items made using hotwelded (PP), electrowelded (PVC) plastic, bio based plastic and recycled plastic.

A new green goal : Bio-based PVC from plant-based raw materials.

We can finally offer a completely new generation of sustainable plastics, with ISCC certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). Bio PVC obtained from renewable raw materials, fundamental for climate and environment protection .

Renewable raw materials: how plastics become sustainable
In many sectors, plastic is indispensable. This is why plastics must become more sustainable: more respectful of the climate and of the environment at the same time. Renewable raw materials are the key to greater sustainability. Until now plastic was produced from fossil raw materials, mainly oil. Creating alternatives was a major challenge. Today the turning point has been achieved with the so-called bio-based PVC, produced from plant-based raw materials.

How our bio-based PVC works

Bio-based PVC uses plant-based raw materials to replace oil. This can now be integrated into existing production processes. This Bio-based plastic PVC has the same properties, characteristics and possible applications as conventional PVC.


natural plastic

Raw material: Vegetal tall oil
The so-called tall oil is used as a renewable raw material. Tall is the Swedish name for pine. The oil is therefore purely vegetable and is obtained mainly from coniferous wood. It is a pure by-product of the paper industry that comes from the resins that are released when the wood pulp is boiled during the production process. For this raw material it is therefore not necessary to fell further trees.

Bio: sustainable certified!
The bio-based PVC products we use has received ISCC plus certification (ISCC-PLUS-Cert-ES226-20230004). This means the traceability of sustainable raw materials in the entire supply chain is also granted.



Greenhouse gas reduction up to 90%!
A further fact that makes the bio breakthrough particularly important: the production process of this bio-based plastic allows a reduction of up to 90% in greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO2) compared to conventional PVC production. A great contribution to climate protection!

And let’s hope it’s just the beginning of a more sustainable future.

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