Zeta S.r.l. is maybe one of the biggest Italian producers of special items made using hotwelded (PP), electrowelded (PVC) plastic, bio based plastic and recycled plastic.

Zeta S.r.l. pursues sustainable development and management projects with the use of clean and renewable resources.

The search for continuous innovation never stops.

Our research into sustainable plastics began in 2010 and we approached PLA, a m

onomer biodegradable by hydrolysis, produced from vegetable starch from corn, cassava, sugar cane or sugar beet pulp.

In 2019 we release our first BIOPLASTICS  products .

100% recyclable products: we have always designed items intended for a long-lasting use. However, our products are always 100% recyclable.

We try to set a good example: our own processing waste is recovered by us, suitably separated and correctly placed in the virtuous circle of recycling. With our customers and suppliers help and cooperation, we manage in order to improve our skills, our materials and our products day by day. For this reason too, we are nowadays able to offer some Eco friendly products with the use of recycled plastic.


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The company continues its sustainable development goals by adhering to green technology and in 2022  installs solar panels on the roofs of its factories.
Zeta believes and invests in solar energy, a renewable and clean energy that does not generate pollution such as residues, waste or CO2 emissions into the environment. Solar panels allow us to use the electricity thus produced to power our machinery.

We try to do our part to protect the environment by using clean and renewable resources.

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