Book Covers and Jackets

Zeta Srl studies and produces customised Vinyl Book CoversDust Jackets  and Slipcase for books, manuals and holy bibles.

PVC is a resistant material which reacts quite well to both high and low temperatures. Once the book is covered with our book dust cover, it will adapt perfectly to the profile of the book itself.

The type of PVC material, with which our book covers are made is not subject to wear-out of real leather, but at the same time it gives the same perception both visually and tactile.

Thanks to the improved digital printing technologies, it is possible to make personalized PVC covers for manuals, compendiums or study texts, completely printed in high quality and they not get ruined despite of frequent consultation.

Our custom PVC book covers and dust jacket for books are particularly requested by:

  • Bookbinders and Publishing Houses for printing medical, botany, law and religious books.
  • Publishers who want a PVC or acetate dust jacket to protect cookery, fiction, travel and history books.
  • Publishing Houses that prints dictionaries, vocabularies and grammars.
  • Printers that produce personalized school diaries with coloured or printed covers, or book dust jackets for business planners with cardboard printed and welded between two PVC sheets.
  • Pubs, Bars and Clubs that want to preserve newspapers with a clear PVC dust jacket.

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