In 1930, Fulvio Sacerdoti, just fifteen-year-old, started his career path helping his father and the elder brothers in the family’s Commercial Representation of paper mills based in Naples.

In 1935, Fulvio Sacerdoti moved to Padua where he founded an independent Company. Immediately after the war, the entrepreneur started to make contacts with the suppliers of stationery products, whom were restarting their business. He reached also Germany, England and Austria’s marketplaces, establishing the first company distributing foreign high quality products on Italian national scale: the “Fulvio Sacerdoti”.

In 1969, the businessman took over Zeta S.r.l., a small factory of electro-welded plastic articles. The new company, supported by the sons Franco and Alberta, started to become very important in the market for stationery and photography, thanks to innovative inventions and original product development.

In 1986, Fulvio Sacerdoti designed and assembled the first fully automatic line of production in the world creating clip files. Thanks to this invention, Zeta S.r.l. started to become popular in the European market.

In 1994, was invented and patented the first ecological photo album, contributing to reinforce its prestige on the European scene. The album was totally recyclable, burning it in the incinerator it would have dispersed in the environment only carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Moreover, the mini-album anticipated times, offering a full colour offset printing cardboard cover. The PVC, previously used for the inside envelopes was been replaced by Polypropylene, turning the photo envelopes extremely transparent and protecting the clearness of the image from halos and Newton’s rings.

In 2000, Zeta’s competence and original solution offers, increased the customer’s demand of customized products, leading the company to increase in sales.

In 2015, Gavriel Sacerdoti, after thirteen years working experience in Zeta, has been appointed Managing Director, moving to the third generation of Sacerdoti’s Family.

Nowadays Gavriel Sacerdoti is successfully leading Zeta S.r.l., guaranteeing to the healthy company a sound future. Although the innovation, the business core has never changed: our strength is to create products that respond to our customers’ needs and it has been possible thanks to the experience and professionalism that have always distinguished our history.