Face Shield PPE COVID-19



Zeta Srl produces Customised Face Shield PPE COVID- 19 Anti-Droplet.

Our Face Shield with Visor ensures safety in the workplace of employees and customers.

It is disinfectable and reusable.

It is particularly suitable for Factories, Warehouses, Shop Staff, Professional Studios, Beauty Sector, Hairdressers, Offices.

Features of Face Shield PPE COVID-19 Anti-Droplet:

  • Large transparent non-toxic APET visor – 0,3 mm thickness, dimensions: 32 x 23,2 cm, weight 35 gr.
  • Skin perspiration: thanks to the open-hole polyurethane foam pad, 2,5 cm thickness. Particularly suitable for prolonged use.
  • Elastic band, one size
  • Protected by a double anti-scratch film (front and back) – to be removed before use
  • ANTI-FOG treatment applied on the Face Shield Protector
  • PPE CE CLASS 2: certified according to UNI EN 166: 2001-3
  • The visor is disinfectable and washable
  • Reusable after sanitation

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