Ring Binders

Ring Binders

Zeta Srl produces customised ring binders and customisable ring binders to organise various type of documents.

In particular, we make:

  • customisable binders: thanks to the application of welded pockets on the back and on the front, it is possible to insert customization elements, such as sheets of paper or cardboard or labels.
  • customised PVC ring binders: in sizes, colours, printings, number of rings, number and position of the pockets.
  • polypropylene binders: transparent or coloured, personalized with silk-screen printing.
  • offset printed PVC ring binders
  • PVC binder plastic sleeves: transparent or coloured plastic sleeves customised to each end use, simple pages or divided into spaces according to the need.
  • document holder ring binders: ideal as catalogues, sales manuals, marketing materials and for archiving documents in Offices and Companies.
  • ring binders designed for Professional Education and Research, Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Offices.
  • special ring binders dedicated to coin collecting, stamps or of picture cards and other types of passion for collecting.

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