About us

Zeta Srl is maybe one of the bigger Italian producers of special items made using hot-welded (PP) and electro-welded (PVC) plastic.
We are since long time dealing with important bindery companies and graphic industries, supplying a wide range of items requested to complete their printings.

  • Ring binders in any size, with or without pockets outside and/or inside; they can be hot printed, silkscreen printed, or in four-colors offset printed.
  • Self-Adhesive pockets of any size and draw (used for CD holders – business cards – triangular shape – “U” format)
  • Transparent covers for books, which can be printed and creased
  • Covers with “dutch” binding in PVC material (for vocabularies, prayer books, medical issues). We usually print these covers in offset and we provide the quadrants unlined or reinforced with rigid PVC.
  • University booklet covers, bank booklets, key holders for security boxes.
  • Transparent or coloured envelopes, simple or double, with pockets. In some case it’s possible, thanks to our robots machines, to weld inside the pockets the printed papers supplied by typography.
  • Presentation clip-files which can be standard as per our production, or customized on request.
  • Blistering with thermoformed welding made also by ourselves, closed with printed cardboard and with product placement.

The list could be unlimited and we are sure you noted already items you were interested in, but you hardly found in the right quality.
It’s easy to request an offer: if you already have an original item, it will be sufficient to inform us about sizes and to let us have a sample which will be returned back. Otherwise you can send a picture by mail to info@zetaitaly.com or a fax to +390498070219.
After your request, you will be contacted by our technician for further information we should need. It’s important to let us know the quantity of the item you are interested in, in order to consider which machinery will be more suitable and convenient for the requested lot. On quantities basis we will suggest the better kind of printing and how to share the fix costs.