Binder Plastic Sleeves


We produce PVC Binder Plastic Sleeves for ring binders.

According to your needs we can provide simple plastic sleeves or sheet protectors divided into spaces to catalogue documents, samples, cards, stamps, stickers, coins or other materials.
Zeta Srl studies and provides custom-made sheet protectors to any kind of intended use.

Custom binder plastic sleeves


 Binder Plastic Sleeves possible customisations:

  • size (A4 / A5 / custom format) and thickness
  • coloured or transparent PVC reinforcement strip in the holes area
  • number, size and position of the division in spaces
  • type of opening system of the spaces: slit apertures or flap
  • type of hole punching

…and much more according to your needs

– We give shape to your ideas –

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