Branded Polypropylene Folders


We produce many type of Branded Polypropylene Folders and Polypropylene Document Wallets with the possibility of requiring further internal or external pockets, or holes for the insertion in ring binders, ideal for presentations, archiving and giving documents.

In particular, our customised Polypropylene Folders are dedicated to:

  • Law Firms, Insurance Agencies and Banks that want to preserve documents
  • Medical Clinics for containing radiographs or documents for pregnancy and medical reports

Branded polypropylene folders

Polypropylene Folders possible customisations:

  • Polypropylene colour
  • size and thickness
  • logo, writings or images printing
  • possibility of further internal or external pockets
  • possibility of adding holes for archiving

…and much more according to your needs

– We give shape to your ideas –

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