DVD / CD pockets and USB stick pockets

Our DVD / CD pockets and USB stick pockets are customisable per additional closing flap or/and punched holes for easier separation and archiving, made in soft clear or opaline PVC, they are particularly suitable for:

  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals: for giving medical reports
  • Training Bodies: for giving programs and educational material
  • Publishing Houses: for audiobooks or foreign language books

This particular type of soft PVC Pockets is also available in the adhesive version, permanent or removable one, turning them into adhesive pockets.

DVD / CD pockets and USB stick pockets possible customisations:

  • PVC colour: standard or pantone colour
  • size and thickness
  • logo printing
  • writings, instructions or images printing
  • type of material and embossing: opaline or clear transparent, smooth or orange peel effect
  • closing flaps
  • punched holes for archiving

…and much more according to your needs

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