Clip Files


Zeta Srl produces Clip Files with coloured rigid PVC bottom page and opaline embossed PVC front page.
The sheets are blocked by a steel or plastic clip concealed in the back, we offer the possibility of engraving or printing it.

The capacity of the Clip Folders is mm. 3 or 6, considering sheets max format 22 × 31.

Their versatility makes them suitable for the most varied uses and contexts.

Custom clip files

Clip Files possible customisations:

  • clip with engraved customer’s logo
  • front page in clear PVC, smooth or embossed, or polypropylene
  • coloured bottom page
  • package leaflet insertion
  • engraving or printing
  • barcode label
  • different colours for different quantities

…and much more according to your needs

– We give shape to your ideas –

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